To a Blind Horse

☞ Your Camera Roll Contains a Masterpiece

Your Camera Roll Contains a Masterpiece: If you take enough photographs, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll eventually get an extraordinary one, for reasons you might not understand. Cartier-Bresson was a hunter in his youth, and photographers have often described his brand of street photography as a kind of “hunting,” but it might be more accurate to say that it was like fishing—a sport in which you can do a lot to optimize your chances but still can’t know for sure what you’re going to get. Read More…

☞ Nina Khrushcheva on Putin’s Poisonous Nationalism and a New “New Russia”

Nina Khrushcheva: I’ve never seen America be a gracious victor, because once it wins, it just jumps on your grave like there is no tomorrow; even the dead bodies would come out with anger. So yes, it was not a gracious winner, and being the only superpower only added to an American sense of superiority, which certainly influenced the Russian approach. I’m not taking away from Russia’s own responsibility, its own horrendous anti-American rhetoric because it was a loser. Read More…

☞ Slouching Toward Post-Journalism

Martin Gurri on Slouching Toward Post-Journalism: The dilemma, therefore, was not whether Trump was racist (that was a fact) or why he flaunted his racist views (he was a dangerous demagogue) but, rather, how to report on his racism under the strictures of commercial journalism. “The goal of post-journalism, according to media scholar Andrey Mir, is to ‘produce angry citizens.’” The reflective mood quickly passed. Within weeks, the Washington Post connected the Trump campaign with fake news on Facebook planted by Russian operatives. Read More…

☞ Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting

Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting: A huge percentage of the Internet is the same information, repeated over and over again. So go to the library. Read books. We cannot emphasize this enough: read books, read books, read books.

☞ GFW 君临香港

GFW 君临香港: 但 GFW 并非一日建成。中国大陆也曾有过装一个简单的 VPN 软件就能绕开 GFW 的日子。GFW 在技术上是一个系统工程,但它在心理上是一个长期的渗透 Read More…

☞ Elie Wiesel’s Timely Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech on Human Rights and Our Shared Duty in Ending Injustice

LINK: And then I explained to him how naïve we were, that the world did know and remained silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere.

☞ 孟子见梁襄王

孟子认为「定于一尊」的正确打开方式: 吾对曰:‘定于一。’ ‘孰能一之?’ 对曰:‘不嗜杀人者能一之。’

☞ The 5G iPhone 12

Benjamin Mayo on 5G iPhone 12: At one point, Cook tried to argue that 5G is good for security because it will mean iPhone users won’t have to connect to public unsecured WiFi as often. Like, come on.

☞ The Maestro of Spaghetti Westerns Takes a Bow

Metallica 乐队的 James Hetfield 在 2007年 评论 Ennio Morricone 的音乐: He has taken so many risks, and his music is not polished whatsoever. It’s very rude and blatant. All of a sudden a Mexican horn will come blasting through and just take over the melody. It’s just so raw, really raw, and it feels Read More…

☞ The illustrated encyclopedia of sleeping positions on a plane

The Washington Post 用插画描述了坐飞机时可以采取的千奇百怪(应该是包含了所有可能性)的睡觉姿势,我一般采用的就是最后的那个 The WTF 姿势: Sit upright, without the support of any travel gear, and sleep Read More…